Our clients


AdSpirit is used as a SaaS platform by more than 500 publishers, marketers, advertisers and agencies around the world. With a highly flexible ad server product, AdSpirit provides its customers with the exact support they need in all areas of display, mobile, video and RTB advertising.

Cronon GmbH provides AdSpirit with the scalable, HPE-server-based hosting infrastructure inside its TÜV-certified data centre.


Congstar GmbH

congstar GmbH is a subsidiary of Telekom Deutschland, which has been offering mobile phone and internet tariffs under the same congstar brand name since 2007. It currently serves more than 4.5 million customers.

Cronon GmbH provides congstar with the scalable, HPE-server-based hosting infrastructure inside its TÜV-certified data centre.



CM4all has been a leading innovator in the field of web-based site creation solutions since 1999. CM4all works with renowned telecommunications companies, ISPs and web hosting companies around the world to help over three million end customers create, maintain and market professional and responsive websites.

Cronon GmbH provides CM4all with the scalable, HPE-server-based hosting infrastructure and F5 load balancer inside its TÜV-certified data centre.


co2online GmbH

This non-profit consulting company has been dedicated to climate protection since 2003 and aims to reduce the consumption of heating energy and electricity in private households, thereby cutting down on the resulting CO2 emissions.

Their topics range from the thermal modernisation of buildings to saving electricity in everyday life.

Cronon GmbH provides co2online with a managed server platform for many hundreds of thousands of page impressions.


Hannover 96 Sales & Service GmbH & Co. KG

Cronon hosts the web presence for Hannover 96 Sales & Service Gmbh & Co. KG and manages the redundantly designed firewall along with the similarly redundant load balancer.


Motiologic GmbH

Motionlogic offers in depth analysis of traffic and time-and-motion results, that are based on anonymous data of the provider’s network.

Motionlogic is 100% owned by the “Deutsche Telekom” and utilizes the ISO 27001 certified computing center of Cronon GmbH.



NOVACOM is one of Germany’s and the world’s leading providers of B2B portal solutions in the area of market and customer satisfaction research in the automobile industry. It uses Cronon GmbH’s TÜV-certified data centre for all highly available server systems.


OnkoDataMed GmbH

OnkoDataMed GmbH (ODM) was founded in 2003 to design, programme and operate a documentation and quality assurance system for practice-based oncologists. This gave rise to the certified ODM QuaSi system, which now functions as the documentation standard within the field of practice-based, gynaecological oncology.

Cronon acts as an IaaS service provider for ODM. This involves the use of a VMware private cloud in the TÜV-certified data centre in Berlin.



RankingCoach is a type of online marketing software for small companies and self-employed individuals. With sales partners such as STRATO AG, Deutsche Telekom, KPN, Telecom Italia, Jimdo, Hostpoint, Webafrica and Blacknight, RankingCoach GmbH is one of the leading providers within this segment.

Cronon GmbH provides RankingCoach with the scalable, HPE-server-based hosting infrastructure inside its TÜV-certified data centre.


Rocket Internet SE

Rocket Internet builds and invests in Internet companies that take proven online business models to new, fast-growing markets. Rocket Internet was founded in 2007 and its network of companies operates a variety of business models with more than 36,000 employees in over 110 countries on six continents.


Sage Software GmbH

The Sage Group has over 6 million customers, making it one of the leading providers of business management software and services for small to medium-sized companies throughout the world.

Cronon supports Sage as an IaaS service provider, using its TÜV-certified data centre in Berlin.


Sparkasse Krefeld

Sparkasse Krefeld is a public savings bank based in Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia. The owners of this institution established under public law are the city of Krefeld and the district of Viersen.

Cronon provides a net-app-based, managed, shared cloud platform inside its TÜV-certified data centre.


Thomas Cook Touristik GmbH

Thomas Cook is the second-largest provider of tourism services and products in Germany.

Cronon GmbH acts as domain service provider for Thomas Cook, reserving international top-level domains on behalf of the group.


vitero GmbH

vitero GmbH offers software solutions in the fields of information, communication and knowledge management for companies from all sectors and public institutions. The focus is synchronous, internet-based communication. Live e-learning (virtual classrooms), web conferencing and online collaboration are vitero’s main business segments.

Cronon provides a high-availability, hybrid cloud solution based on HPE infrastructure.


Wirecard Communication Services GmbH

Wirecard Communication Services GmbH is a subsidiary of the Munich-based Wirecard AG, an international leader in providing payment and risk management solutions. Within the corporation, Wirecard Communication Services GmbH handles the business division of call centre and communication services.

In its Berlin-based data centre, Cronon GmbH hosts telecommunication lines to which parts of the virtual communication switchboard at Wirecard Communication Services GmbH belong.


ZeuSWarE GmbH

ZeuSWarE GmbH develops new hardware and software applications which are tailored to the customers’ needs and which are implemented both technically in the field of software and hardware as well as creatively and conceptually in the application area of user interfaces. The customer receives a product that has been made according to their wishes.

Cronon provides a scalable, high-availability, private cloud solution inside its TÜV-certified computer centre.