Scalable public & private business cloud solutions

  • Highly flexible and powerful

  • Management Level according to your needs

  • Server locations exclusively in Germany

  • Built upon current branded hardware

  • Latest processor technology

Beyond just simple hosting, our business customers receive professional advice from our experts to deliver “real” system solutions that also focus on issues in networking, security, and administrative access.

Cloud Computing with OpenStack

Benefit from a highly agile and fast IT infrastructure! Therewith your complex digital transformation projects will succeed.

  • 3 outage zones, each with their own A/B and emergency power supply
  • 100% of data storage locations in Germany – GDPR and BDSG compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified data centres
  • high quality HPE DL360 ESXi Server
  • All-flash storage powered by NetApp
  • All nodes are linked at 4×10 Gb/s to avoid bottlenecks

Thanks to our Business Cloud solution from VMware, you can affordably set up your own IT infrastructure. We offer a professional VMware vCloud solution location in Germany for the highest level of data protection.


  • Professional vCloud located in Germany
  • Granular ordering of CPU and RAM resources
  • High I/O all-flash storage, including disaster backup of the VMs
  • Integration with on-premises platforms and our existing infrastructure
  • We use only high-performance hardware from well-known manufacturers
  • Flexible scalability with contractual periods starting from just 1 month
  • ISO/image uploads

Professional features for any application

VMware provides the high-performance vCloud Director administrative interface. This allows you to manage every aspect of your virtual data centre. VMware is practically the industry standard for cloud systems. This brings you the highest levels of compatibility and mobility

  • Guaranteed CPU power
  • VMware features: HA, DRS, affinity rules, vMotion, vDC, vApp, OVF import, snapshots
  • HA cluster in 2 fire zones with N+1 hardware redundancy
  • Business und Business Premium Service Level Agreements Network bandwidth up to 1 Gbit/s (inbound and outbound) per virtual data centre
  • Provision of 3 VLANs (additional networks optional)
  • Add-ons (shared or dedicated): VPN mobile user access/site-to-site, firewall, load balancer, SAN/NAS storage, backup storage, backup solution

Invoicing based upon services booked

You can flexibly adapt your resource pool on a month-by-month basis – the first change after initial setup is even free of charge. You can also determine your required storage and IP traffic on a monthly basis. Therefore, you only pay for the cloud resources you actually need.

Monthly flexibility for:
  • Resource pool with vCores and RAM
  • High I/O all-flash storage in 100 GB packages
  • Traffic upgrades in steps of 100 Mbit/s (public IP traffic 100 Mbit/s peak, 50 Mbit/s average included)

Our Managed Business Cloud gives you the flexibility of the cloud with the performance and security of private infrastructure. Professionally managed business servers and high-quality infrastructure components form the secure basis of our Managed Business Cloud – scalable, high-performance and dedicated. This includes:

  • Servers and hardware from leading manufacturers such as HPE® and Intel® Efficient load balancers
  • Flexible storage systems
  • Highest security measures
  • Non-blocking switches
  • Industry-leading virtualisation environment VMware


As individual as your business

We adapt our Managed Business Cloud entirely to the needs of your business. This guarantees you a range of advantages that come with modern Managed Hosting, such as:

Complete flexibility for resource distribution High availability

Optimised servers for your business applications Optimal data protection

Depending on the desired Management Level, we will provide support from Host Management to Full Management for your entire virtualisation environment. All Managed Services from Cronon BSP are also available with the Managed Business Cloud.

Our Managed Business Cloud specialists will look after your infrastructure with their expertise gained from many other projects. You can concentrate on your core business and leave the operation of your Managed Business Cloud to us.


  • Complete control of your virtual resources in isolated areas High-availability
  • Setup for your resource pool
  • Highest level of data security, German data protection law, server locations exclusively in Germany (ISO 27001 certification)
  • Very high service and data availability with daily backups Proactive patch management
  • Complete control over your data in modern high-performance data centres
  • No need to invest in your own IT infrastructure

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