Leased lines in all available bandwidths

  • High-availability using different routings

  • IP/network address can be kept

  • Optimal cost/benefit structure

We offer leased lines in practically all available bandwidths. The aim is always to implement an optimal cost/benefit structure whilst maintaining as much flexibility as possible.

High-availability using a combination of different routings and the use of resiliently configured router pairs (Cisco) are of course possible. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A large media agency with its head office in Berlin has additional offices in two major German cities. All workstations in these external offices are managed and administered by a team in Berlin.

Since the agency also creates substantial amounts of media data for large corporate customers and is under great time pressure to make this data available, several leased lines at the Cronon data centre were activated together.

Services provided by Cronon GmbH

  • Network planning
  • Provision of routers at each location
  • Resilient configuration for the head office (1000 Mbit fibre Ethernet and 20 Mbit wireless backup line)
  • Location 1: 100 Mbit fibre Ethernet leased line to Berlin
  • Location 2: 10 Mbit fibre Ethernet leased line to Berlin Monitoring and support


  • Routers at the locations
  • Leased lines to the node in Berlin

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