Network & security – intelligent, fast & secure

  • Flexible, high-performance managed switching

  • Bespoke setups with load balancing, firewall and VPN

  • High levels of security and availability thanks to DDoS protection

Switching infrastructure forms the backbone of the data centre. For this reason, we use only the highest quality components from leading suppliers.

Our infrastructure has a fully redundant design: this ensures maximum reliability of all systems.

  • Custom optimisation of communications, e.g. using VLANs
  • Connection of individual servers using MLAG with bandwidths of 2 to 20 Gbit/s
  • Non-blocking architecture for maximum bandwidth
  • Everything from simple uplinks via DMZs to high-availability clusters
  • Constant monitoring and updating of individual components
  • Includes free internal and Internet traffic up to 100 Mbit/s peak bandwidth

Our load balancers ensure that incoming queries are intelligently shared across several servers. This allows you to process queries about your services with exceptional efficiency and ensures maximum availability.

  • Top level protection: our infrastructure has a redundant design and is monitored 24/7
  • Tailored to your needs: we optimise the load balancing using custom rules and constant health monitoring
  • Use “Sticky Sessions” that are adapted for your application to bind users to specific instances
  • Shared or dedicated: the right Business Load Balancing depending on your needs

Shared Business Load Balancing

Shared Business Load Balancing gives you a highly scalable traffic management system. It offers intelligent, reliable and flexible distribution of load spikes across your server infrastructure.

Customisable methods and rules are available so that you can adapt load balancing as needed. Depending on your application you can also implement “Sticky Sessions” or choose from a wide range of load balancing methods such as:

  • Weighted Round Robin
  • Weighted Least Connections
  • Fastest Response

When in operation, a health monitoring system detects unresponsive servers and distributes their loads.

Your systems must be reliable at all times: for this reason we use only high-performance hardware from leading suppliers. Our experts manage the operation of the load balancing platform so that you don’t have to worry about ensuring your hardware and software is up to date.  In order to maintain the best possible system stability, our load balancing infrastructure has been designed with redundancy across different fire zones.

Dedicated Business Load Balancing

If you have any special requirements regarding data throughput rates, customisability or management of the load balancer, then we are happy to offer you dedicated load balancing systems.

Our Managed Firewall provides optimum security for your network. It offers extremely powerful, flexible and scalable protection against unauthorised access attempts. The Managed Firewall can be adapted to exactly match your requirements using a comprehensive set of filter options.

  • Shared or dedicated: based upon our load balancing platform or the Cisco ASA product family
  • 24/7 firewall solution from Cronon BSP Comprehensive
  • filter options to precisely meet your requirements
  • Highest possible availability using a fully redundant architecture

In the hands of security experts

We will take care of every aspect of setting up your firewall – entirely in accordance with your specifications. Our security experts will also handle the operation and maintenance of your firewall instances.

Systems and hardware are constantly monitored to ensure they remain up to date. Together with a fully redundant architecture, this ensures the best possible security and availability for your firewall solution.

Flexible custom firewall solutions

We will configure your firewall for you: transparently and exactly according to your requirements. You will also be able to keep precise control over users, applications and devices using your own custom rulesets and policies.

If you have any special requirements regarding data throughput rates and customisability, we will be happy to offer you a dedicated firewall solution.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers the invaluable benefit of being able to use business applications securely from outside of the office – encrypted and provider-independent.

Cronon GmbH makes exclusive use of the reliable Cisco ASA firewall series so that you can enjoy the long-lasting and reliable security products of this market leader.

This solution leaves you free to choose any provider for you local Internet access. We reliably and securely link your locations, ensure all Cisco devices receive software and patch level updates, take care of configuration file backups, provide 24/7 monitoring, and much more.

The most well known use of VPNs other than linking together different locations (site-to-site VPN) is the home office VPN, which allows employees to work from home or when out of the office. Access is established with an Internet browser using IPsec or the more modern SSL-VPN. Employees receive a connection client via the central firewall that they can use to easily and securely access the company network with their mobile device, e.g. their laptop, iPhone, netbook (mobility VPN).

Shared VPN – secure access to your network

A shared VPN provides you with a secure, high performance gateway that is flexibly scalable. The gateway offers a comprehensive suite of current cryptographic algorithms and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

  • Choose between IPsec or SSL/DTLS VPN
  • You can opt for a clientless setup or use a client such as AnyConnect Connections can be customised by configuring properties such as the total number of parallel sessions or the data throughput rate

Optimised for your requirements

We will setup an optimally secured connection for you: between individual external devices and your network environment in our data centre (end-to-site) or by connecting together external networks (site-to-site).

What do you need your VPN to do? Connect with your network environment for administrative purposes. Or create an integrated network solution by linking one or more external networks with your infrastructure at Cronon BSP. A shared VPN allows you to do all of these.

If you have special configuration and performance requirements, we can of course offer you a dedicated solution.

The availability and security of your services are our top priority. We therefore take all kinds of attacks extremely seriously. DDoS attacks can severely limit the accessibility of services. We therefore focus on implementing a clever and stable design for the network architecture from the very start of your project.

This allows for early detection of unauthorised data traffic so that we can immediately begin to defend against the attack. We work with market leading providers of professional DDoS mitigation solutions: this means that even the latest attack vectors are recognised and automatically filtered without affecting your servers. Filtering includes, e.g.:

  • Volume attacks (e.g. TCP/UDP flooding)
  • Reflection attacks (e.g. DNS amplification)
  • Overload attacks (e.g. using Slow HTTP)

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