Storage & backup – maximum security for your data

  • Optimal storage solutions for your project

  • Flexible NAS & SAN solutions from HP® und NetApp®

  • Powerful backup solutions from Veeam

The availability and security of your data are our top priority. With our storage solutions you can be assured that your data is professionally stored and will be available to you whenever you need it.

Your servers access the storage solution exclusively via separate redundantly designed network adaptors. Data held in our shared storage can be conveniently backed up with automated snapshots. This allows historical data and applications to be easily restored or tests to be carried out.

If you have any special requirements, we can of course offer you a dedicated system configured to meet your needs.

Available anywhere, flexible deployment and always using the latest practical know-how – IT landscapes are becoming increasingly dynamic and therefore so are the demands on the IT staff who look after them. This is particularly the case in key areas such as backup and data security. Are the requirements profile and solution currently in place still suitable, or do changes need to be made?

BaaS with Veeam Cloud Connect – always there when you need it

Cronon BaaS is a scalable backup solution that allows you to design flexible, cost-effective and secure IT systems, particularly with regards to future growth. Your data remain subject to German data protection laws at all times and will be stored exclusively in our ISO27001 certified data centres. Veeam Cloud Connect secures your data quickly and reliably in our cloud and provides the option to restore it from there. If your company

is already using Veeam Backup & Replication as its local backup software, then only a connection to our data centre is needed. We will gladly support you with our expertise in WAN connections/leased lines.

BaaS reduces your local data volume, reduces traffic and reduces your on-premises storage requirements:

  • transparent
  • flexible
  • secure


  • Keine Zusatzkosten bei steigendem Backupvolumen durch lokale Datensicherung
  • Wegfall von Investitionen in zusätzliche Speichermedien zur Datensicherung
  • Transparenz durch genaue monatliche Abrechnung auf Mietbasis – keine Verwaltung von zusätzlichen Assets

Cost benefits

  • No additional costs as the backup volume increases using local data backup
  • No need to invest in additional backup storage media
  • Transparency with precise monthly invoicing on a rental basis – no need to manage additional assets

Dynamic benefits

  • Designed for high-volume data backups
  • Can be extended with additional cloud services such as IaaS Access and data restoration in the hosted backup repository from the backup console
  • Unlimited incremental backups

Data security

  • Protected by German law with data centres in Berlin and Karlsruhe
  • Backups transferred via an AES-256 encrypted Internet connection
  • If desired, backups can also be transferred to a second location

The optimal storage solution for your project

The amount of data you need to store and manage grows day by day. We will help you select the right solution for your project. We maintain partnerships with leading storage providers such as HP 3PAR and NetApp to ensure we always bring you the latest and best storage solutions.

Whether shared or dedicated: we will plan and implement a storage solution for the highest volume and performance requirements that fits the budget available for your project.

  • High-performance and high-availability storage, based either on SSD or HDD storage systems from leading international manufacturers HP 3PAR and NetApp
  • Storage resources that can be flexibly scaled at any time – even during normal operations
  • Separate (redundant) network adaptors for reliable storage access
  • Automated snapshots for easily restoring historical data
  • Shared or dedicated storage solutions based on your requirements

Lightning fast storage that adapts to your requirements

Shared storage from Cronon BSP gives you a high-performance and high-availability shared storage system. Our storage platform has redundant power supplies and network connections. This allows us to provide secure and cost-effective centralised storage for your files.

Are you still unsure about what kind of storage resources you need? No problem. Our shared storage solution can be flexibly scaled at any time – without any downtime and during normal operations – and adapted to your requirements.


You are free to choose the type of storage infrastructure you prefer: we will develop your solution using SSDs for optimal IOPs and maximum data throughput, or using HDDs for efficient use of your project budget.

For example, you can create a Storage Area Network (SAN) to provide block-level access via iSCSI or fibre channel. Or you can set up your storage for file-level access as Network Attached Storage (NAS) via the NFS protocol. We will find the ideal solution for your project.

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